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Wine shop in Detesk


The company Dtesk is the world's largest manufacturer of specialty gift bottles used mainly for filling alcoholic beverages. This allows the company representatives have a perfect overview of the areas famous not only excellent fruit spirits, but also an excellent wine. In the Italy is popular her north, from Benatky to the world-famous vineyard area in Piemont.

Quality wines from these areas in our wine shop we offer. France represents a first-class family winery THRODORE MEYER ET FILS from Alsace Ammerswihru. The picturesque village near Colmar. For the production processes of its wines used exclusively from grapes from the finest vineyards around Ammerswihru including the most prestigious positions in the vineyards KAEFFERKOPF and Sommerberg.

Italy represented in our wine shop, four producers, a winery ROCCA SVEVA from popular wine center of Soave near Verona and Gagliano Marcati wineries producing red wines in area Valpolicella. The wines from the Valpolicella region near Lago di Garda, together with peimonstske Barolo and Montepulciano Tuscan trio is sought-after centers of red wines. Another outstanding white wines enriched our range of popular Azienda Agricola Ca'Lojera and Azienda Agricola Villa Medici di Caprara Luigi.

In all cases, there are a small to medium wineries focusing on clients in their vicinity. They supply both the private sector and especially restaurants and wine shops. This guarantees excellent quality of products.

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