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Opening ceremony of museum and gallery DETESK


September 18 was ceremonially opened all newly modified object of the company DETESK on the zeleznobrodke square 3. kvetna. A few weeks ago was opened spaces of the company shop on the ground floor, now the public can visit the gallery and museum. Another part of building is a new wine shop. The museum features a collection of zeleznobrodske figurines and a collection of art glass with an emphasis on zeleznobrodska creation. In the gallery will be organized primarily art exhibitions.

The show began a retrospective exhibition of works by world-renowned creator of glass jewelry Svatopluka Kasaleho, which will be last until 9. 11. 2014. The exhibition complements the creation of Kasaleho close collaborators, photographer Taras Kuscynsky and composer Bohdan Mikolasek.

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