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Glass figurines

Extremely important share of the glory železnobrodské glass products are called glass železnobrodské figurines. Their history is forever linked with the person of Professor Jaroslav Brychta Glass School in Žekezný Brod, who since the early 20th of the last century gradually in cooperation with experienced glassmakers to produce železnobrodsku introduced and further developed. And so gradually at first attempt represent pin with metal needle and glass upper part mostly in the shape of miniature animals followed stitched pieces, wire, blown and modeled.

Metallurgical estabilishment figures which inspired the production of mainly Brichta glassmakers from Murana, is date to year 1928. Classic metallurgical procedure enable production figures bigger and their production already wasnt quite individual. Require perfect match glazier working in glass pan with the burner figurkářem preparing eleborate work of other components. Whether it hands, head or many other important details.

As in other sectors of the art glass železnobrodsko was founded around the year 1930 the first local students trainees Glass School several local companies engaged in the successful production of glass figurines. Jaroslav |Brychta found among glass artists able successor miloslav Klinger, Miloslav Janků and sience the beginnig of 60 years Vilém Dostrašil were distinctive artists who have significantly shaped the development of specific artisc sectors.

Železnobrodské figurines are no longer just about the art of local glassmakers. Especially a number

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